Solving common problems

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Check the following:

  • Check minimum payment for your chainlink node. Go to Operator UI -> settings -> configuration and find MinContractPayment or MINIMUM_CONTRACT_PAYMENT_LINK_JUELS. If you’re using jobs on external operator, ask them about this parameter. By default it’s often 0.00001 LINK, but for Goerli 0.1 LINK.

  • Your Operator Contract Address funded with LINK and have enough for minimum payment to chainlink node. You can check that with call balanceOf function on Chainlink Token Contract.

  • Your contract, that interacting with Operator Contract funded with LINK, has enough LINK for minimum payment to chainlink node and if you set fee for some Operator methods, make sure you set the value more than minimum payment to chainlink node

  • On Operator Admin Address (you see that in Operator UI) you have enough ETH to run transactions

  • In Operator Contract, calling function getAuthorizedSenders return should contain Operator Admin Address

  • Find LINK Token address for your network.

  • Click on address and go to the scan page

  • Go to Contract tab

  • Under the Contract tab you should see tab “Read Contract”. Click that

  • Click on balanceOf, write address you need to check and push Query

Testnet LINK is available at

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