This service enables the generation of new keys or the import, export and erasure of existing ones.

[ERROR] key with ID already exists

During the first initialization, the Chainlink node generates a key itself, but you can also import a key from a JSON keystore file manually. This error indicates that you are trying to import an already existing key.

  • Make sure to have followed the official Chainlink documentation

  • If you want to delete an existing key do not forget to make a backup if necessary by exporting it using the following CLI commands

chainlink admin login 

chainlink keys eth list

chainlink keys eth export -p ./path/to/pw -o ./output/file.json <KeyID>
  • Then delete the key using chainlink keys eth delete <KeyID>

[ERROR] unable to find eth key with id

chainlink admin login 

chainlink keys eth list 

[WARN] No P2P_PEER_ID set, defaulting to first key in database

This message occurs if a Chainlink node is initialized with FEATURE_OFFCHAINREPORTING=true for the first time and no P2P_PEER_ID is set in the environmental file, so that a new ID is created and automatically used as default one.

  • The P2P_PEER_ID can be found in the key section of the web GUI or displayed using the Chainlink CLI commands

chainlink admin login

chainlink keys p2p list

[ERROR] multiple p2p keys found but peer ID was not set - you must specify a P2P_PEER_ID

The P2P_PEER_ID is used for OCR jobs and needs to be set in the environmental file in order to enable the communication of the Chainlink node within the peer-to-peer network.

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